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Movie×Graphic×DigitalCubeCraftA New Future for CX. Movie×Graphic×DigitalCubeCraftA New Future for CX. Movie×Graphic×Digital CubeCraftA New Future for CX. Movie×Graphic×DigitalCubeCraftA New Future for CX.

Unprecedented types of CX (customer experience).
Dentsu Creative Cube Inc. will create new advertising content
covering the full range of CX by combining movie, graphics, and digital.

Robust imagination that captures people's experiences in 3D.
Interweaving creativity into all aspects of production.
Always delivering the highest performance,
for experiences that go beyond expectations.

About Us

Professional Skills, "Cubed"
Integrated Craft Production
Dentsu Creative Cube Inc.

Dentsu Creative Cube Inc. combines the highest level of craftsmanship in video production and graphic photography with the additional value of digital, as a comprehensive production company that handles content creation across the entire spectrum of CX.

By cubing (³) the advanced skills of commercial video production, graphic photography, and digital production skills, we are able to deliver powerful craft. We provide a one-stop, agile approach toward the creation of new CX.



The key strength of Dentsu Creative Cube Inc. is its ability to power craft that integrates movie, graphics, and digital based on a unified concept. We offer the optimal content for any project starting point within the CX (customer experience) domain.
This Integrated production is supported by the collaboration between each department. Experienced producers from our Produce Division serve as the hub, and utilize the HR and resources of SPICE Direction Unit, PICTCORE Cinematography and Lighting Center, and FACTORY Studio Center. In addition, through collaboration with alliance companies, we leverage production schemes with high quality and flexibility. We provide appealing craft in the entire domain of CX.

Production Center

dentsu creative cube

Produce Division

A group comprised of video, graphic, and digital content producers. They produce integrated craft by combining their experience and skills in producing high quality works in their respective fields of expertise.


Direction Unit

Video and digital directors. In charge of planning and direction of video and digital content like TV commercials and web movies. Based on their experience in planning and directing in a wide range of fields, they propose and direct visuals that leave a lasting impression in viewer minds.

Cinematography and Lighting Center


Cinematography and Lighting Center

Staffed by the top cinematographers and lighting directors in the industry, who exercise a high level of technical skills and are active in a wide range of fields, including TV commercials, web movies and other advertising video content, as well as shooting and lighting for movies and events.

Studio Center


Studio Center

The ability to manage our own studio and equipment resources gives us our competitive edge. With a seamless, unified digital workflow and that allows innovation with our technical capabilities at the core, we aim to establish a new scheme for production.


There is an increasing emphasis on content creation as a means to connect with customers more deeply and enhance engagement. In order to provide high quality content to consumers and the world at large, it is essential to design CX (customer experience) based on a cohesive concept and to produce it in an integrated manner.

Dentsu Creative Cube Inc. combines the Dentsu Group's extensive experience in creative production with its video, graphic, and digital production expertise to create an integrated service that essentially multiplies, or "cubes" these three elements to the third power.

We have put into place an innovative workflow that integrates human resources with advanced shooting and lighting skills, bolstered by equipment and studio management capabilities. With these key assets, we are able to offer high-quality content with a focus on customer experience transformation (CX) as promoted by the Dentsu Group, and contribute to the creation of new customer experiences.

Never settling for the status quo, we provide our clients with the ultimate performance, one-stop service, as a group that never backs down from challenges.Representative Director President & CEO
Daisuke Murayama